For over twenty years we've worked on automation software projects as far afield as Japan, South Africa, America and Europe. Some of the world's largest companies look to us whenever their automation software needs updating, repairing or reprogramming.

Typical industry applications include;

  • Confectionery and other fast moving consumer goods
  • Medical products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Material handling
  • Batch processes
  • Special purpose machinery

While much of our work centres on new automation projects we also specialise in machinery upgrades. If you have obsolete PLCs or black-box motion controllers, we can replace them with fully integrated Control Logix or Kinetix Motion control systems.

Even where the original motion control software can't be accessed, our decades of experience in this field mean we can successfully implement new software solutions for a huge range of high-speed machines.

What's more, we don't just focus on the dry functionality of these systems. We understand that software is only as good as its design. When you choose us to work with you, we'll make sure that it is the needs of your users that come first.