David Lawton has, perhaps, a unique perspective on factory automation software. Originally a machine operator himself, he experienced firsthand the flaws and problems built into many systems by careless designers who knew little of how the machines they built would actually be used. As his experience grew, he began to develop an understanding of how the machine, the operator and the software interacted and moved into this area and developing what he calls a 'holistic' approach to software development that takes into account these three different perspectives.

Because he hasn't just stepped straight out from a computer screen, he also speaks our customers' language. He understands what businesses are trying to achieve and can talk happily to the guys on the shop floor as easily as to the higher management who often initially hire us.

This ethos of friendly, honesty and straight-talking has fed into everything we as a company do. If you'd like to talk to us (or David) just pick up the phone today and let's see how we can help each other.