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Yours is the most important voice in making decisions about your systems. You have the expertise in terms of what you are producing and what you want your outcomes to be. Our role is simply to make sure that you reach your goals.

So our first and most important job is to just listen. There is no point in having a single line of code written unless it's going to fulfill your needs.

We've been writing factory automation software for decades. That aspect of our work is second nature to us - like it is to any software company. The art of what we do is writing software that seamlessly fits your business' needs.

All of that means that relationships are at the core of our work. Without communication and understanding of your needs, all the software expertise in the world won't bring you the benefits you need. We believe it's this attitude and commitment that has ensured the continuing success of our company.

Over the years we've built a strong reputation by listening to our customers and providing them with software solutions that meet the exact requirements of their control systems. We've worked across a diverse range of industries and applications including:

  • Horizontal flow-wrap machines
  • Vertical bagging machines
  • Pick and Place units
  • Depositors
  • Flying shear and cut-to-length machines
  • X-Y-Z tables
  • Web handling and converting machines
  • Autoclave machines

There are many more examples, including various special purpose 'bespoke' systems.

Whatever your application needs, you can rest assured that Dynamic Motion has the skills and experience to provide the solution.