Design is all too often an afterthought in the development of software. Under pressure to develop something that fulfills a technical spec, developers rarely get the luxury to think about how someone will interact with the software. That means you can point to any number of applications that do amazing things but are rarely used because they 'feel' clunky.

At Dynamic Motion, we pride ourselves on putting the needs of the user first. If the software is going to be any use to anyone it has to be as easy as possible to use and - most importantly - relate to the task the software is designed to carry out.

Thinking about this 'real world' approach takes time up front that is rewarded many times over by the resulting gains in productivity. Easy to understand error messages, every day language and a close tie-in between functionality and the actual task being performed means that our software solutions improve rather than hinder the working day.

If your software company doesn't mention 'design' when you're talking to them - it's time to make the switch.